historic Preservation

MDNA was founded and exists to facilitate completion of the historic survey work of the Mission Dolores Neighborhood, San Francisco’s oldest, with the goal of having appropriate areas registered as official historic districts. We are very close to achieving this goal. Once completed, our long-term, enduring objective is to preserve this outstanding neighborhood for future generations.

MDNA monitors pending construction projects throughout the neighborhood to ensure that historic resources are properly restored and not demolished or degraded. We often invite developers to our board meetings so that they can introduce their projects and consider our feedback. In this way, we have been instrumental in saving three major historic resources that might otherwise have been demolished, and have made positive contributions to the quality of the final design of several others.

Quality of Life and Beautification

MDNA supports the city’s ongoing efforts to rid San Francisco of graffiti vandalism, educate the public about littering, illegal dumping, and other blight that spoils our urban landscape, and encourage property and business owners to keep their street frontages and sidewalks clean. MDNA works with various city departments to address these issues, and in the spirit of community encourages everyone to “pitch in.” MDNA actively supports community volunteerism to green and beautify our neighborhood and help build a greater sense of community and shared responsibility.

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